PMT Reconciler

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What is the PMT Reconciler?

PMT Reconciler is a program to take the tedium out of reconciling bank statements and credit card bills with the Personal Money Tracker (PMT) program from PMT Software. PMT is a checkbook/personal accounting application for Palm OS 3.0 and later.

This software takes downloaded transaction files from a financial institution, reconciles that data with the PMT data, and then alerts you to any transactions that cannot be matched to transactions in PMT.

I developed this software out of personal frustration of having to spend so much time manually reconciling data with PMT. This program makes that process so much simpler by automating this tedious task.

This page is really just a placeholder with only barely enough information to get started using this program. I hope to re-vamp this page a bit after I push up the first release.

Current features

Currently, PMT Reconciler can read Quicken's QIF file format (4 digit years). This format is translated into an internal Transaction representation, and then reconciled against PMT's CSV files that are created by the conduit.

To Use

Before using the software, you need to make sure that PMT is exporting it's data into CSV files. For now, refer to your PMT manual for instructions on doing this. After you've enabled this conduit and performed a HotSync, you should be able to run PMT Reconciler.

After you've reconciled your downloaded transactions, you can then go to the HotSync setup for the "PMT xl Conduit" entry, select the entry, and click "Change...". You need to select "Desktop Overwrites Handheld" to make the reconciled data become perminant. Make sure that you DO NOT check the "Set as Default" checkbox because we only want this one sync to go in this direction. Otherwise, PMT Reconciler will never see the updated transactions from PMT.


I'd like to add in a generic CSV transaction reader, Microsoft Money file format, and others. Other feature requests are invited as well.